Installations Exhibitions

We conceptualize, define a space, select the content, imagine how to distribute it, design it and make it happen.

Uniting all our concerns is the same workspace gives us the advantage of being able to find solutions in various fields; In a way, installations bring together all the possibilities that motivates us. For example, creating a stand for a fair allows us to use different design tools and our versatility to create all kind of environments and experiences.

The digital signage, the video mappings, creating interactive systems... There are as many options as resources available.

Exhibitions are another field that gives us the possibility to create; we have collaborated with the Donostia-San Sebastián 2016 Foundation, curating 2 exhibitions and designing for the Elías Querejeta Film School.

Installation with video mapping in Clínica Lanchares of Amara and Errenteria.

Instalation Clínica Lanchares

Storefront Visuals

Digital Signage, corporate design in the facade and visuals for the Lanchares Clinic both in Renteria and Donostia.