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Eresoinkaren Itzalak

Show of the Eresoinkaren Itzalak Cycle organized by the European Cultural Capital Donostia 2016 in Anglet, France. Choreographer Martin Inthamoussu designed a show based on Earth. Dancers from Dantzaz Konpania, the KEA Taldea choir and Inesfera with a video mapping.

Martin Inthamoussu, Dantzaz, KEA Taldea, Eragin and Inesfera. Anglet

Photo: JanPol

Video mapping in Dantzaz dancers representing an interpretation of Eresoinka in a project promoted by the European cultural capital Donostia / San Sebasti√°n 2016. Image with video mapping in the theater of the French village of Anglet in the Eresoinkaren Itzalak cycle of the European cultural capital of Donostia 2016. Image of the representation of Eresoinka with video mapping of Inesfera.
Screening in dancers of Dantzaz in the representation of Anglet.