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Digital Design Inesfera

We create attractive installations and interfaces, we generate interactive user experiences and we carry out projects that give us the opportunity to experiment both with feelings and technology.

We do 3D modeling and animation to enrich contents for different uses and applications.

Image of the interactive set of the fan zone of the Club Deportivo Alavés in Madrid on the occasion of the King's Cup final that he played against FC Barcelona.

A todo pulmón Interactive Installation

Alaves Fanzone - King's Cup Final, Madrid

Design and programming of an interactive interface that works when shouting ¡ALAVES, ALAVES !. Alaiki (Bizkaia), through Laser Audiovisuales, entrusted us with this work for the Caja Vital.

Photo: José Antonio García Sirvent - Mundo Deportivo

Interactive system Cultural cities for the in & at exhibition of the European Cultural Capital Donostia 2016.

Cultural Cities Interactive Installation

Okendo Kultur Etxea, Donostia

Minimalist installation for the in & at photographic exhibition ( Donostia 2016 European Capital of Culture) collaborating with the capitals of 2017: Pafos, Aarhus and Hull.

3 simple buttons activate the synchronized audio and video of the other cities over Donostia.

Modeling and animation of footage for a commercial video for the agency Mc. Nulty.

3D Scenes Spot

Mc Nulty, Madrid

Modeling and animation of different scenes for the Mc Nulty production company.

Modeling and animation of Tolosa sculptures for the memorial videomapping of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the CIT of Tolosa.

3D Modeling Sculptures of Tolosa

Cinema 4D

3D reproduction of the statues of Tolosa for the “50th anniversary of CIT” video-mapping project in Tolosa